President - Dona Scharping
Vice President - TBD
Treasurer - Vaughn Gibbons
Secretary - Kathy Klein
Show Mgr. / Sec. - Amanda McDermott


Board of Directors

Kathy Klein
Annette Mrzywka
John Steeves
Tricia Moyles


Mailing Address

Clarkson Horseman Association
P.O. Box 764
Clarkson, N.Y. 14430




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Parade Rules - For Year 2018

  1. In order to participate in parades, membership must be paid in full prior to the parade qualifications.
  2. Attendance at 2 parade practices for a NEW horse and rider combination is MANDATORY.  Must have current Coggins and Rabies to attend the parades and parade practices. Previously qualified horse and rider combinations need to participate in at least ONE practice to qualify for the current parade season. Other qualification requirements…see #3. Weather permitting several outdoor practices will be scheduled throughout the year at various locations.  Please do not wait until the last minute to qualify.  You must attend at least 1 out of the total number of parades per season to keep your qualification current for the following year.
  3. Horse and rider combination must be approved each parade season by parade committee and club president. You must be at least eight years old as of January 1st to participate.  All apparel for horse and rider must be appropriate for the theme of the parade season.  Appropriate headgear is required (see by-laws for helmet requirements).  If unsure as to appropriate attire or tack, please discuss with parade committee members.  Our continued theme is Patriotic: Red, White, & Blue.  Attire must be similar to group and horses may be decorated to match theme.  Additional themes may be decided upon in advance to go with the theme of a certain parade ie; Lilac parade. 
  4. Horse and tack must be show clean.  Rider and horse will not be allowed to participate if deemed unready for event.  This is a club event, therefore a positive representation is expected.
  5. Notifications for practices and parades (ex. time and date or cancellations) will be posted to the website
  6. All riding participants must contribute $5 to our “Pooper Scoopers”.  It is also your responsibility to enlist your own walker. These walkers should be horse savvy and are there for the protection of you and your horse and possible crowd intervention.  If unable to attain one please check with group for help. 
  7. Use of a lead is permitted for safety reasons.
  8. In the event of an extraordinary circumstance, a horse/rider combination that is a CHA member may be allowed to participate in the parades.  This exception must be voted on by the committee members and the club officers.


If there are any questions, please contact the committee members listed below.  The decision as to whether horse/rider combinations are approved or not will be decided on as a group by the Parade Committee and the Club President

Terry Rogers 585-330-7352