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President - John Steeves
Vice President - Dona Scharping
Treasurer - Vaughn Gibbons
Secretary - Kathy Klein


Board of Directors

Kathy Klein
Annette Mrzywka
John Steeves
Tricia Moyles


Committee Chairpersons

Trail Committee - Cindy Olds
Parade Committee - Jen Rogers
Show Committee - Theresa Troyer
Publicity Committee - John Steeves


Mailing Address

Clarkson Horseman Association
P.O. Box 764
Clarkson, N.Y. 14430




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The Clarkson Horseman Association (CHA) was formed in 1994 by local area horse owners, breeders, and enthusiasts for the purpose of educating the community about horses.

The CHA plans many events throughout the year. Paid members can earn points at designated CHA events towards year end awards. Some of the events include a series of Open Horse Shows and numerous trail Rides and Fun Shows.

The CHA also participates in community events such as parades and providing rides to the physically challenged. Since 1997, the Club has participated in the Lilac Parade which kicks off the Lilac Festival in the City of Rochester.